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We request that you read carefully the entire text of this notice, your understanding it, is extremely important to obtain full recovery of the financial assets that are kept under the safekeeping of Financial Pacific Inc.

We advise our Clients and Custodians, that the intervener, Ms. Dalyis Teran, and the current liquidator, Mr. José Ángel Calvo Hidrogo, are alluding to the Clients of Financial Pacific Inc. and the financial markets in general that they do not have access to the database information related to the accounts and transactions of the clients of the Brokerage House, claiming that the lack of information is attributed to damages incurred to the servers, as well as, to the fact that the information has been erased from the company server.

Therefore, we hereby inform the Customers and Custodians of Financial Pacific Inc., that these statements do not reflect the reality and are untruthful assertions.

Our company for more than eight (8) months prior to the intervention has contracted an Information Solutions Company as the supplier of Information Services, Handling of Data and provider of Network Security Solutions. This company acted as the IT department of Financial Pacific Inc. and was also in charge of hosting the data and the electronic processing of all the information of the Brokerage House.

The information of all our clients, without exception, and their historical accounts are properly kept within our hosting data providers, where for the past six months (6), they had been updated daily within the framework of our information security development program and maintained the transactional history of all our clients updated.

The Customers of Financial Pacific Inc., were using the services daily by accessing their accounts and historical transactions on line, which was performed with full operational facility, as a result of the professionalism offered by the administration of Financial Pacific Inc.to their customers, as well as, the transparency of such information.

However, the Intervener, Ms. Dalyis Teran and now the Liquidator, Mr. José Ángel Calvo Hidrogo, have not made any payments to the Data Services Company who is in charge of the hosting and data transmissions on line,these were due on July 15 2014, July 30, 2014 and August 15, 2014.

As a result of the LACK OF PAYMENT the Data Services Supplier, SUSPENDED ITS SERVICES for the processing, back up, hosting and network transmission giving access to all the Clients and obviously for the daily access to the FBM Systems and Programs used by the Brokerage House, which are employed in the administration and proper recording of the transactions reflected in the statements of the pertinent accounts.

We believe,  what has occurred is an administrative nonsense, taking into consideration that on the day of the intervention, the accounts assigned for administrative expenses of Financial Pacific Inc., held a positive balance of more than 1.2 Million Dollars, which  since the Intervention are being spent at the sole discretion of the Intervener, Ms. Dalyis Teran, and now by the Liquidator, Mr. José Ángel Calvo Hidrogo, without providing the slightest report of the company´s accounts, therefore, to date, the Board of Financial Pacific Inc., does not know the use and/or the location of such balance and also the reason why the bills for services have not been paid.

Additionally, we must mention that during the administration of the Board of Financial Pacific Inc., the Data Provider Company, as well as, all the suppliers were receiving timely payment of their bills, relative to their professional services. This, was abruptly interrupted due to the intervention and as a direct result of the interference of the Intervener, Ms. Dalyis Teran, who additionally, on the day of the intervention, impulsively and improperly filed legal charges and a criminal complaint against the technician in control of the Data Services Company, causing, in a totally arbitrary manner, his detention for a period of three (3) days.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding the Liquidator´s attitude in not honoring the payment of the data provider  services, the Board of Financial Pacific Inc., sustained conversations with the data services supplier and its technical staff to resume the data transmissions, with the goal to provide the clients of the Brokerage House a direct access  to their account statements on line.

As a result of the above factors, we inform all the clients of the Brokerage House, that as of August 25, 2014, they will be able to access on line the historical information of their accounts, through the website of the Brokerage House using the same access information as before or, directly on the FBM system, using the passwords that were assigned to their respective accounts, in order to retrieve the reports, which were abruptly discontinued since July 2, 2014 due to procedures implemented by the Intervener.

We recommend to all the Clients, to access the website of Financial Pacific Inc., in order to obtain their account´s information and print its historical record since the opening, using all the reports that the FBM system issues, being able to print on Excel or PDF mode, since we cannot foresee, whether any action or further arbitrary impediment may be caused by the liquidation or the liquidator, which could result in the inability of the information systems provider company to deliver this data.

Assuming that such an event occurs, all the clients of the Brokerage House may request their accounts statements electronically at the following email: info@myaccount.agency or info@myaccountagency.com. The response will be directed only to the registered emails recorded on the historical database of each account as of July 1st, 2014.

It is our unconditional wish that your investments are fully returned to you by the Liquidator, within a maximum period of thirty (30) days, for which we intend to provide our clients the information reflecting the details of their investments and the financial institution ( Custodian) in which their securities ​​are under custody as of July 1st, 2014. Additionally, upon request via email at: info@myaccount.agency or info@myaccountagency.com we will be providing you with the complete contact details of the institution that holds the custody of your funds and securities and the officer responsible in that institution for the Financial Pacific accounts.

The above mentioned information may grant the Clients of Financial Pacific Inc., a tool to help them against any divergence arising during the liquidation process of the company, with respect to any claims from the Liquidators that deny the correct identification of all funds or securities held in your accounts ​​as of the date of the Intervention. We furthermore strongly advise you to not accept or ignore any unnecessary or intentional delays for the FULL return of your funds and securities.

A copy of this notice is being sent to each of the CUSTODIANS, so they may not plead ignorance in the future since they should and must proceed to protect and care with transparency and integrity, for the equities ​​and funds held by them and in view of the current compulsory liquidation must ONLY return such assets to their real owners (CLIENTS OF FINANCIAL PACIFIC INC., WHICH ARE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED).

Finally, we confirm that at the time of the intervention of Financial Pacific Inc., the company held (100%) one hundred percent of the securities and funds of its customers in the proper custodial accounts of the Brokerage House.


Octavio S. Vidigal.
Legal Representative and President of the Board of Directors
Nominated by the General Assembly of Shareholders on July 24, 2013
According to the Public Registry No. 6455
Legally Registered under No. 159393, of the Public Registry of Panama